We select the best operators of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in your area.

Real Estate Visual Content Exchange

Capturing aerial images presents an overview of neighbourhood life and contextualizes the location of the property in its environment.

UAV - A Regulated Service

Professional aerial photography using drones UAV is a highly regulated industry. The risks of potential land and air accidents are many.   In order to sell their services in the Marketplace, drone operators must meet conditions required by the relevant authorities and have specific insurance coverage.

We select the best UAV operators in your area and ensure that they are operating legitimately under the industry rules.

Telescopic Masts

Photos taken with a telescopic mast are used to showcase buildings and their surroundings without the need for an airplane or a helicopter. The photos are taken at low altitude, allowing to see clearly the relief of the ground and the architectural details of a building. Moreover, they are much more economical and do not require the authorization of any government body.

Aerial Imagery Services

We ask all of our providers pricing for standard aerial photography services.  For more specific needs, you can easily launch a request for proposals to all of our suppliers and choose the offer that best suits your needs.


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