Urbanimmersive is a real estate content marketing platform where photographers work in teams with professional writers

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We provide highly shareable native advertising content about real estate listings.

Real estate agents and builders using our blogging platform want to share their expertise and their properties with real estate blogs featuring the most beautiful images, the key elements of the property and its neighborhood

Agents are able to promote native advertising blog content on their own website and on social media too:

  • increased brand awareness
  • generate leads
  • build lasting results

Visibility on our real estate news portal urbanimmersive.com

Urbanimmersive real estate marketing content platform offers our customers more visibility on the web showcasing all real estate blog content purchased on our platform and publishing it on our portal urbanimmersive.com

urbanimmersive.com connects a growing community of real estate readers and buyers.


Urbanimmersive removes the pain of having to deal with multiple providers to produce and publish original real estate content.

A Wide Range of Services Thanks to Urbanimmersive's Affiliate Providers

Each provider has their own specialization. Thanks to the service providers affiliated with the urbanimmersive real estate marketing content platform, real estate agents, brokers, agencies and home builders can take advantage of a wide range of specialized services and products that are fully integrated with each other on one platform.

Some of the services our clients benefit from include real estate website building, social network services, 3D images, rendered animations and much more.

All affiliates’ service transactions are integrated with Urbanimmersive billing systems for increased productivity. Therefore, our customers can find all of their orders and invoices in one place.




Producing original blog content on your own:

  • Time consuming
  • Costly
  • Potential copyright infringements





With Urbanimmersive platform:

  • Increased productivity
  • Cost Savings
  • Copyright compliance


Our value proposition to real estate agents and home builders

Producing real estate blog marketing content requires working with multiple providers and web services. This involves several phone calls, emails, invoices, revisions, deliveries and deadlines. In one single platform, Urbanimmersive helps real estate professionals find, book, manage, produce and publish real estate marketing content more easily by connecting them with the best visual and written content creators all in once place

Meet Tom, the real estate agent.

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Urbanimmersive is listed on the TSX-V : UI