Credit Line Financing solution

Take advantage of a financing solution for all your purchases made on Urbanimmersive real estate content marketing platform and from our affiliated suppliers.

Urbanimmersive Credit Line Financing Solution Powered by FinAccès Capital

Financing Solution for Real Estate Agents and Home Builders.

We offer a financing solution to real estate agents and home builders for the purchase of all the services offered on our marketing content platform and for the products and services offered by our affiliate partners.

The financing offered to real estate agents and home builders via the Urbanimmersive line of credit solution is an advantageous financial leverage.  Financing marketing content purchases and advertising campaign helps keep real estate professionals keep their liquidity so they can be used elsewhere pending the sale of properties.

The Urbanimmersive line of credit also allows real estate agents and builders to avoid overloading their usual credit cards and keep available funds to face unexpected situation due to the seasonality of the real estate industry.

To date, here's what real estate agents and home builders can purchase using the Urbanimmersive line of credit:

  • All the services offered by real estate photographers on the Centris® Marketplace (virtual tours, aerial photography and video production);
  • All the services offered by the agencies of photographers affiliated with Urbanimmersive;
  • All web site services and products of ID-3 Technologies, including: hosting of your real estate website, domain name, monthly subscription to a service such as Aliquando, purchase of SEO services, etc.;
  • Architectural 3D drawings and services from UBICA, an imaging studio affiliated with Urbanimmersive;
  • Advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google via the use of our 1-Clic buying advertising feature

Benefits of Our Credit Line for Real Estate Agents and Builders

The benefits of the Urbanimmersive line of credit for real estate agents and homebuilders extend well beyond the financing aspect of it. It is first and foremost a management tool to gather all transactions related to your real estate content marketing budget under one single monthly bill and system.

Minimum credit line of 500$

By logging into your Marketplace account, you can apply for a $500 credit line. It’s simple and quick!

Increase your limit

You can request a credit limit increase according to your needs using our online form.

Private credit file

The Urbanimmersive line of credit is not registered with any bank and therefore does not appear on your personal credit score.

Monthly Statement

You receive a single monthly statement for all of your transactions performed on our platform.

21 days of grace per statement.

You have 21 days from receipt of the statement to make a payment on your balance.

Easy Minimum Payment

Vous pouvez décider de payer uniquement le montant minimum demandé, qui représente normalement un peu plus de 10 % du montant inscrit au relevé.You may decide to pay only the minimum amount requested, which normally represents just over 10% of the amount on the statement.


You can pay your balance with Interact or by sending a check.

Credit Card Payment

You can even make your payment with your credit card. Note that for this method of payment, credit card processing fees are added to your statement.

Default Interest Rate

The default monthly interest rate of the line of credit is 2%. For example, you will pay about $ 2 of interest per month for a $ 100 transaction.

Ajustable Interest Rate

Depending on your credit experience with Urbanimmersive, you can request to reduce the default interest rate to as little as 1%.

Terms and conditions of use of the Urbanimmersive credit line solution.

Note: The financing of the Urbanimmersive line of credit is powered by FinAccès Capital.

Credit Line And Annual Interest Rates

The Marketplace offers a credit line that you can use to buy your services.  The annual interest rate on the amount used on your line of credit is 24%.

Your Credit Limit

Your initial or current credit limit appears in the information box for this purpose in the Marketplace. This is the maximum amount we authorize you (and your authorized users, together) to carry to your account to cover your service and content orders and interest. As the amounts in your account increase, the available credit decreases. We calculate the available credit by subtracting the amount due to your credit limit. If you happen to make your payments late - or not to do them at all - we can reduce your credit limit or remove it completely.

Interest Calculation

You have a minimum interest-free period of 21 days for new purchases. Your new purchases for each month are those listed under the transaction description for the current month's statement (your current statement). You can avoid paying interest on these new purchases by fully paying the new balance on or before the due date for payment of the current statement. Your new balance represents all your purchases and interest until the date that your current statement was prepared. If you do not fully pay your new balance on or before the due date of your current statement, you must pay interest on the balance on the statement until the date we process your full payment for these purchases . Your next monthly statement will include interest accrued on the balance until the date we prepare this next monthly statement. We will continue to charge interest on the unpaid portion of the balance until your next full payment of the new balance on or before the due date of payment. We do not charge interest on interest. The amount of interest we charge you is calculated by multiplying the balance by the applicable daily interest rate (which we get by taking the annual interest rates and dividing by the number of days in the year). We then multiply this figure by the total number of days in the statement period to determine the interest we charge you.

Minimum Payments

Each month, you must make at least the minimum payment. Your monthly statement will indicate the minimum payment amount. This will normally be the highest amount between the interest on your monthly statement, 10% of your balance or $ 10. Minimum payments in arrears from previous months, if any, will also be included in the minimum monthly payment amount. You must make the minimum payment on or before the due date indicated on your monthly statement. If you do not make the minimum payment on the Required Date, we will increase your interest rates of 5% on your standard interest rates and you will not be able to make a purchase on the Marketplace until the minimum payment is made using your Marketplace credit line.   From time to time, you may be exempt from the minimum payment requirement. If applicable, interest will continue to be charged at the rates shown on your monthly statement. This waiver will not affect our right to require you to make your minimum payment on another date.

Fee for Payment Declined

If a payment is not processed because a bank has returned a check or refused a pre-authorized debit, a $ 45 fee will be charged to your account on the date that the record of the refused payment is posted to your account. These fees are in addition to the insufficient charges received by this financial institution.

Your Monthly Statement

Every month, we will send you a monthly statement by email. We will prepare your monthly statement about the same date each month. If the date on which we normally prepare your monthly statement coincides with a date when we do not process the statements (for example, a holiday or weekend), we will prepare your monthly statement on the next open Day of treatment. The due date of your payment will be modified accordingly. It is your responsibility to review your monthly statement and verify all transactions. If you think you have detected an error on your monthly statement, you should contact us. If you do not report an error within 15 days of the last day of the relevant statement period, we will assume that your monthly statement and records are accurate, and you will not be able to claim reimbursement of erroneously account.

Allocation of Payments

When you make a payment, we will allocate the amount first to the interest and second to the purchase balances. If you pay more than your minimum payment, we will apply the amount that exceeds the minimum payment to the balance of your new balance. If you have paid more than your new balance, we will post any payment that exceeds the new balance to the amounts not yet on your monthly statement, using the method outlined above. Amounts credited as a result of repayments or adjustments are generally allocated first to interest and then second to balances.

Responsible collection

Our company uses responsible outstanding account collection practices. If you are unable to make your minimum monthly payments, our collection agents can terminate your minimum remittance plan and will use different methods to recover the money that is due Including but not limited to; removal or advise to have your visual content removed from the web for which you have unpaid amounts.  Outstanding payments will accrue interest. The Client (borrower) is responsible for all legal fees required to obtain the balance owing. Uncollected claims are prosecuted with all the rigour of the law. 

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