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Immersive articles are the most powerful real estate blog content solution on the web.

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Immersive blog articles are the most powerful marketing content tool. It offers all the benefits of blog written content with all the benefits of high quality, immersive and interactive visual content.

Our solutions enable the production and publication of immersive blog content in which we replace still pictures with immersive slideshows.

Immersive slideshows are inserted between text and enable viewers to decide which still picture they want to see next, based on their position inside the environment. Slideshow transitions between still pictures emulate a 3D environment virtual tour.

Meet Tom, the real estate agent.

We help our customers produce very unique immersive blog content and standout form the crowd

Our customers choose our immersive blog platform to get more results on the web. Our immersive articles put forefront  the visual content of properties for sale and local businesses like no other technology can do on the market.

The immersive articles have has proved to increase time spent on blog pages, improve search engine organic results, generate more user engagement with brands and share more visual content information than any other content marketing solution.


Increase time spent on blog page

The reader spends more time in an immersive article since it interacts with the images.

Improve SEO

Well written content blended with an excellent time spent on page enhance the SEO potential.

Increase share potential

Readers are more likely to share a blog post when they have interacted with the visual content like in immersive articles.

Increase user engagement

Immersive slideshows improve user engagement with your visual content.

Provide more information

Immersive articles provide more visual content than traditional blog content with still pictures.

Create the Wow effect!

Immersive articles are unique in the world and create a wow effect every time. A great way to standout from the crowd.

It's not a virtual tour, it's not just a blog content.  It's an Urbanimmersive blog content.

Urbanimmersive visual content technology is specifically designed to be used in blog content where page performances is crucial on social media.

Fast and no download time

Our immersive slideshow do not slow affect page speed performance.

High quality still pictures

Our immersive slideshows use high quality still HDR pictures. No fish eye distortion like in standard virtual tour.

Easy to navigate on mobile

Our immersive slideshow transitions are simple, fast, stable and are perfect for mobiles.

Visual enrichment

We provide our customers with simple online tools to enrich immersive slideshows with sound, hot spots and video.

Our customers promote their immersive articles on their websites and social networks to:

  • increase their brand awareness;

  • generate leads;

  • build lasting results on the web.

Our clients choose our immersive articles against traditional blog contents because the main asset they have to sell or promote is their visual content capital.  Our clients are real estate agents, home builders, local businesses, etc.


Visibility on portal

Urbanimmersive's marketing content platform offers our customers with more visibility on the web since all the immersive articles purchased on our platform are published portal.

Urbanimmersive portal reaches a growing community of readers passionate about real estate, housing, decorating and urban lifestyle.

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