Immersive Slideshow AVU3D

Immersive slideshows are slideshows made of high quality still picture in which viewers decide which image they want to see next, based on their position inside the environment. Transition from one picture to another one emulate a 3D environment virtual tour.

Urbanimmersive Immersive Slideshow Technology

Immersive slideshow AVU3D

AVU3D is our image-based 3D environment emulator generated from 2D still pictures.  2D images may be either photographs or computer generated rendered views. A multitude of 2D images covering 360° views from a plurality of positions within the environment is organized into subsets to create panoramas. Each panorama represents a 360° view from a given vantage point in the environment.

The geo-referenced images created by AVU3D cover a 360° view, therefore allowing users to rotate left or right around an axis and see the various views available from a given point. Similar to a 3D virtual tour experience, AVU3D immersive slideshows enable users to move forwards, backwards, left, right, up, down, spin left, and spin right or to make two simultaneous movements thus emulating a 3D virtual tour navigation.

When utilized as an immersive slideshow, AVU3D technology has the following features which combine to provide a strong competitive position relative to full 3D competing immersive tour technologies:

  • No specific visual content hardware needed
  • Relatively low cost and quick production
  • High resolution images (DSLR quality)
  • Rapid navigation (no download time)
  • Lightweight client application
  • Compatible with 3D software standards and Geographical Information System (GIS)

Ideal For Blog Content

Immersive slideshows are ideal for real estate and local businesses blog contents because they (immersive slideshows) can be inserted between text as if they were normal high quality still pictures, without affecting pages load time neither requiring download time to start the immersive slideshow.

How to Shoot Immersive SlideShow Using DSLR Camera

Real estate photographers can create professional immersive slideshows only using their DSLR camera and panoramic tripod.  The video above shows how to photo shoot using a Canon Rebel and HDRi images.   Photographers using DSLR cameras such as the Mark 4 can generate HDR pictures with the camera thus speeding up the shooting process.  For more information about different shooting approach, contact our Urbanimmersive. 

Immersive Slideshows Automated Post-Production Process

Real estate photographers don't need to use any software to produce the immersive slideshows and publish is on the web once they have the visual content done.  The 2D still pictures are entered into Urbanimmersive's post-production software which uses GPU to automatically geo-code and organize each still image as to camera angle and inclination, to allow them to be identified properly with respect to a 3D environment. The same procedure is used with rendered views, whereby one might imagine a virtual camera is rotated about a vertical axis to render the views.

The above video shows Urbanimmersive's algorithm in real-time action on one PC.   The algorithm works by finding visual content matches between images.  Each images is compared with all other images to find possible matches.   The right corner of the screen of the video shows the construction of a path of blue dots representing panoramic views.    Those blue dots can be seen inside immersive slideshows environment.    Our algorithm uses GPU computing power to process all matches.

Urbanimmersive Computing Power

Urbanimmersive operates a server room allowing the use multiple GPU cards in order to process all images of an immersive slideshow environment.  The post-production automated process for geocoding images of an immersive slideshow consume a lot of computing power.  Because each image needs to be compared with all other images of the same environment, the amount of computing power needed is exponentially proportional to the number of images to process.   Considering that some immersive slideshows can have thousands of still pictures to analyze, a single server wouldn't be enough to support the service.   The investment in the server room has been done in 2010 and Urbanimmersive has updated and maintained the hardware since.   Until may 2017, the server room was also used to 3D computerized images but since the company has shut down its 3D drawing department, only few servers still are in use for those service.

The server room computing power is used for crypto-mining as well when not solicited with new immersive slideshows projects.

Urbanimmersive Computing Power

AVU3D Photographer License

We are licensing AVU3D technology and post-production computing power to all photographers who have subscribed to our real estate content marketing platform and/or who wish to offer 3D emulated immersive slideshows.   The cost of the license represents a percentage of the value of the services sold by our certified photographers or a cost per geo-coded panoramics

AVU3D Studio License

AVU3D Studio is a Web-based software program to edit AVU3D immersive slideshow environments and Graphical User Interface ("GUI").  This software allows the adding and editing of 2D/3D elements such as images, hotspots, sounds, actions, click zones and menus, and dialogue and content boxes.  The software is ideal for building and asset managers who want to create and customize their AVU3D immersive environments. We also license the software for other applications including engineering, off-site inspections, architectural design validation, security 3D immersive maps and serious game. 

AVU3D Multi-user server

AVU3D technology provides a multi-user version enabling multiple users to visit and interact with each other.    The multi-user server is ideal for group off-site inspections.  Urbanimmersive is also time to time opening is multi-user server for all immersive slideshows for marketing purposes.

 Some exemples of our AVU3D licence applications.  You can see the multi-user server in action at minute 2.50

AVU3D API License

AVU3D API is a set of documentation, computer commands, and software libraries allowing third party providers to interact with, and integrate, AVU3D directly from, and/or in, their computer systems. AVU3D API provides the necessary tools to develop all functionalities found in AVU3D Studio.  For example, this license could enable customized database connectivity and graphical user interfaces. This approach provides us with the opportunity to generate service revenue from the development and licensing of new features specifically addressed to customer needs. AVU3D API is licensed to channel partners only.

Using the AVU3D API license allows to create game environments within a immersive virtual tour of a real or future project.

Immersive slideshow made of Canon DSLR still pictures.

Click on the link and use the arrows to navigate or, on mobile, slide your finger on the image to move

Immersive slideshow made of computer generated still images.

Click on the link and use the arrows to navigate or, on mobile, slide your finger on the image to move

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