Urbanimmersive History and Recent Developments 

Founded in 2007, our company was initially a 3D visual content provider servicing the real estate industry.  We were offering photographers services and 3D drawing services.  Our core product was an immersive technology trademarked AVU3D, a 3D emulator delivering a cost-effective alternative to traditional 3D engines for the creation of immersive and interactive digital environments.

In 2012, we raised $2.5M through a CPC qualifying transaction on the TSX-V and started the acceleration of our immersive emulator technology commercialization within the real estate industry.  Initial «push» marketing strategies for our 3D emulator real estate solution rapidly proved that the user acquisition cost for  entering into a mass commercialization mode was higher then expected.

In early 2014, we made the decision that the best commercialization approach to promote and sell our 3D emulator technology in the real estate industry was to make it available through a visual content marketplace that would aggregates all visual content providers and technologies in one place thus creating a «pull» marketing strategy.  There were no such visual content marketplace available on the market so we developed and launched a MVP (minimum viable product).

In 2015, we’ve added a Content Management System (CMS) and Written Content services to our Visual Content Marketplace with the objective of up-selling visual content transactions already performed in our marketplace.  With these new features, we’ve become a unique all-in-one content platform for real estate professionals covering all aspects of content marketing management.

In late 2015, we launched our Application Programming Interface (API) allowing real estate solution providers to seamlessly integrate our content marketing platform within their software.  Since the API has been available, many of the leading real estate organizations in Québec have already integrated our content marketing platform within their software.  During 2015, our Content Marketing Platform gained organic traction amongst realtors and home builders who saw an interest in simplifying the way they search, find, book and pay content providers. 

On February 1, 2016, we  announced the signing of a five year strategic Agreement with Centris® to commercialize locally and internationally our Visual Content Marketplace. Following this announcement, we have worked with Centris® to bring our MVP Visual Content Marketplace into a robust and complete software product.  The process  took the entire 2016 calendar year during which time the MVP Marketplace was shut down to new users.  The improved version of the Visual Content Marketplace now white labeled Centris® Marketplace with the mention, «powered by Urbanimmersive»,  officially reopened to new clients in February of 2017. 

Urbanimmersive is listed on the TSX-V : UI