Property Landing Page

For each order on the Urbanimmersive, you can get a property landing page.

Urbanimmersive Property Landing Page

Order a property landing page

For every order on Urbanimmersive's real estate marketing content platform, you can get a property landing page. Ask your photographer if they offer this service!

Your property landing page includes:

  • an adaptive design
  • your contact information 
  • links to your website and social networks
  • photos of the property for sale
  • a slideshow video of the property for sale
  • a link to your blog post if you have one with Urbanimmersive
  • a lead generation form
  • property address

Please note that property landing pages do not hold all the information about the property for sale.

It is possible to use a custom URL for each landing page generated by Urbanimmersive.

We also offer a landing page customization service: Contact us for more information! 

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