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Recommend your marketing content to our unified real estate blog network and join a highly focused and engaged audience.

Real Estate Sponsored Content for Advertisers.

Recommend your marketing content on the best real estate sites in Quebec.


The audience of our real estate network blogs and websites is highly profiled for your products and services, here is the best way to reach them. Thanks to the Urbanimmersive network, your marketing content could be seen in a growing number of real estate web sites and portals.

Your article will be featured in blogs of real estate websites that will accept your content recommendation with the "sponsored" status.

Real estate portals, agents and home builders may reject your article if it does not match their business objectives. For example, it would be impossible for a broker portal to accept articles on "how to sell your house by yourself"...

The network

Our real estate content management system allows you to join the largest unified real estate blog network in Quebec.

A highly profiled audience

Our real estate blog network allows you to reach a highly profiled audience for products and services related to housing.

Cost per click

You only pay when a reader clicks on the link that leads to the sponsored article on your blog page of your website.

Marketing Content

Our CMS allows us to recommend relevant marketing sponsored content to our clients and our clients can decide to publish it on their real estate blog or not. Make sure you content is good to reach more sites!

Detailed Report

We provide a detailed report of the number of clicks and their sources.

Protected from AdBlocker

Your article is powered on a unified blog platform and not an ads server. You are therefore protected from "Adblokers software. Therefore, your content is seen by more users.

Narrow Marketing

The depth of our blog network allows you to target specific regions for your narrow marketing strategy.

Some numbers

We generate nearly 6000 real estate landing pages per year on which a blog section is presented. Our blog system is used by the largest real estate portals in Quebec and more than 800 real estate agent websites.

Why sponsoring your marketing content on our real estate blog network.

In 2000, the click-through rate on banner ads was over 10%. That is to say that more than 10 users out of 100 clicked on banners. The click rates on web ads banner is now virtually zero.    Clicks on ads. In 2010 > 10% and in 2013 <0.02%

70% + Users of Adblockers Every Year

Adblockers already eliminate more than 20% of advertising impressions on the web according to the UDA. Globally, AdBlocks users more than doubled in 2013. This means that almost 1 in 5 people do not see your ads and this number is growing.

People prefer to receive information about a product or service through marketing content

Marketing content is consumed exactly as news.  It is usually presented to the reader as a "sponsored" article on a specialized blog like a real-estate blog to talked about home appliances. A study conducted in May 2013 by Sharethrough, in collaboration with IPD Media Lab, shows that sponsored articles receive more clicks than articles with news.

In fact, another study shows that 70% of individuals want to receive information about a product or service via marketing content vs advertising banner and the famous "landing pages" ( -montini/infographic/the-shift-to-native-advertising-in-marketing.html

25% more readers 18% more customer conversions

It's been shown that native marketing content is shared more than traditional banner ads. This has the effect of increasing your brand awareness and especially, to give it more weight since the shared link comes from social.

32% + shares on Facebook

Consumers say they have no problem sharing marketing content on their social networks VS 19% for banner ads ( study-by-ipg-media-labs /)

Ultimately, the social aspect of native marketing content increases the credibility of your message and brand. In fact, it is shown that Native Advertising increase brand recognition by 82%. (Http://

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