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Recommend your marketing content to our unified real estate blog network and reap the benefits of a highly focused and engaged audience

Sponsored Real Estate Content for Advertisers

Recommend your marketing content on the best real estate sites in Quebec.


The audience of our real estate network blogs and websites is highly profiled for your products and service. We offer the opportunity to reach EXACTLY who is most important to growing your business. The Urbanimmersive network puts you in the right place, all the time.

Your article will be featured on relevant, network approved sites and communities.

Enhance your possibilities. Discover Urbanimmersive.

The network

Our real estate content management system allows you to join the largest unified real estate blog network in Quebec.

A highly profiled audience

Our real estate blog network allows your content to reach only relevant consumers

Cost per click

You only pay when a reader clicks on the link that leads to the sponsored article

Marketing Content

Our CMS allows us to recommend relevant marketing sponsored content and give you the final say in what you choose to promote

Detailed Activity Reporting

Extensive and accurate breakdown of click through rates and lead sources

Protected from AdBlocker

Your article is powered on a unified blog platform and not an ad server which means more eyes and no blocks

Narrow Marketing

The depth of our blog network allows you to target specific regions for your narrow marketing strategy


We generate nearly 6000 real estate specific landing pages per year on which a blog section is presented and our system is used by the largest real estate portals in Quebec and more than 800 real estate agent websites.

We help you reach more of the right people. Contact us to learn how.

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