real estate content management solution

A real estate content management system offering all the features you need to help you create great blog content faster.

Real Estate Blog Content Management Solution

Real estate professionals are looking for powerful content management features providing minimal obstacles for maximum results.

It is with this objective in mind that we have developed Urbanimmerisve real estate blog content management system and its set of on-demand content production services.

Take advantage of a CMS tailored for real estate professionals.

Text editor

Access a powerful and user-friendly text editor designed to simplify real estate content marketing creation.

multimedia insertions

Easily add photos, YouTube videos and immersive visits to your articles.

Auto-publish on Facebook

Automatically publish your blog content on your Facebook page.

Editorial Scheduling

Use a visual calendar to schedule the date and time of your publications.

Approval and Traceability

Working in a team? Our CMS uses approval tools and traceability to ensure online articles that you put online are authorized.


Your article showcases a property for sale or a real estate project. Specify the address in a dedicated CMS field so that search engines geomatch your content.


Get useful information about how many readers read, shared and commented on your articles directly from the CMS. Easily integrate Google Analytics code to your newsroom and blog.

Content Permalink

Our CMS maintains a permanent URL to allow you to change it without breaking previous shares.

Our content management system gives access to our content marketing creation collaborative marketplace.

Easily access real estate photographers, virtual tours, video, aerial photographers, writers, proofreaders and translators from one single platform.

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