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Price list for the production of marketing content about a property for sale.

Want your property to be seen on social networks and on the web? With our content manager, you simply upload your photos to our editors and place your order.

It's easy and simple!

Note: It is not necessary to download the photos of your property if you used our real estate photography services. We already have your images.

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All text on the properties for sale or real estate projects are delivered in French with:

  • a main title
  • a « teaser »title for Facebook
  • a sentence of 140 characters for sharing in social networks
  • a text according to the number of words ordered
  • a brief description of your business (you)
  • a redirect link to a detailed web page of your registration or your real estate project


Price list for the production of marketing content on a topic about real estate and housing

Want to publish a text on your real estate blog about a particular topic related to real estate and housing?  Our editors will be happy to do the research and writing about your content.

Prices include the time to research and write articles.

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To place an order for a custom real estate writing blog content, you must first open an Urbanimmersive account on our Content Management System (CMS).