The strength of your real estate network

Enjoy the power of marketing content and the strength of your real estate network.

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Spread your real estate marketing efforts with those of your members

Your news and blogs room solution can distribute your marketing efforts on the web with those of your members.

It's quite simple:

  • You use our blogs solution on your own real estate blog;
  • We offer a free blogging website to each one of your members;
  • Each text on your blog is relayed on the web sites of your members;
  • Also, each published text by your members is relayed on your blog;

Everyone wins

For your members :

  • They take advantage of your blog content proudly wearing your trademark;
  • They take advantage of your blog traffic when they publish a text. This motivates your members to generate content that will ultimately increase their web presence;
  • They take advantage of a free website to blog;

 For your agency or your real estate association:

  • You get traffic websites of your members;
  • You benefit of the generated content of your members on your own portal. You become a true media information in your network;
  • Vous devez un véritable média d’information de votre réseau;
  • You avoid the competition with your members in your traffic acquisition efforts. You share with them traffic;

Offer a new benefit to your members. Increase traffic to your portal. Reinforce your brand on the web

Discover why industry leaders use our blog solution on their real estate portals.

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