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More and more buyers are turning to social networks to find their dream home. Most popular social platforms begin with videos in their news feed. Grab the attention of buyers and captivate them with professional real estate videos.

Real Estate Videos

Real estate videos are trendy among the real estate industry. On social media, videos capture a buyer’s attention through images, animation and sound. Videos have the ability to create emotion while providing more visual information about the property.

Urbanimmersive Marketplace focuses on selecting the best videographers and real estate video production agencies in your region. Videographers most use professional digital cameras and demonstrate their ability to select camera pathways that better showcase the property.

Video services offered in Urbanimmersive Marketplace are filmed by hand as opposed to video slideshows, which are usually a succession of 2D images.

Whether it is for a virtual tour of the property or testimonials from satisfied customers, in our Marketplace you will find the best real estate videographers in your area.

Video Production Services

We ask our real estate video producers to provide pricing for standard 90 to 120 second video services with and without narration. For more specific needs, you can launch a request for proposals to all our videographers and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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