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More and more buyers turn to social media to find their dream home, and real estate videos are more and more popular on these networks. Using sound and image, professional real estate videos attract the attention of buyers by moving, surprising and informing them. Get yours now!

Real Estate Videos

Urbanimmersive Marketplace focuses on selecting the best videographers and real estate video production agencies in your region. Videographers must use professional digital cameras and prove that they have the skills to film a property in its best light. 

Most slideshows are just a succession of 2D images, but not with Urbanimmersive: Our videos are filmed by hand in one continuous shot.

Whether it is for a virtual tour of a property or the testimony of a satisfied customer, you will find the best local videographers in our Marketplace.

Video Production Services

We ask our real estate video producers to set prices for standard 90- to 120-second videos, with and without narration. If your needs are more specific, you can launch a call for tender to all videographers and see which ones answer your call.

Discover Urbanimmersive's real estate visual content Marketplace now.

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