Computer Power Services

We provide computing power services to clients using our 3D technology and have started using our infrastructure for crypto mining Ethereum.

Urbanimmersive's Computing Power

Urbanimmersive Computer Power Services

Since 2010, Urbanimmersive is operating an in-house server room dedicated in providing computer rendering and processing power needed to support large-scale productions of 3D and HDR images used for its immersive AVU3D technology.

Today, a portion of UI’s servers are successfully mining Ethereum cryptocurrency while other available servers are still, for now, providing processing time services to UI’s affiliates and clients.

Urbanimmersive Server Room Infrastructure

Urbanimmersive was previously only using its server room in conjunction with its immersive 3D technology needs, the server room is a typical in-house 3D rendering farm. These 3D rendering farms are built to process data at high speeds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Compared to normal data room servers, our infrastructure has been built to support high energy demands producing large amounts of heat. Those specifications are a perfect fit for a small crypto-currency mining operation and is the reason why we have converted some of our servers to crypto mining after having decided to shut down our internal 3D services production department in 2017. Urbanimmersive is currently operating a ≈0,1 MegaWatt computing power.



Urbanimmersive is listed on the TSX-V : UI