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More and more buyers wish to virtually visit (in an immersive way) properties for sale before contacting a broker for a physical visit. Live up to their expectations. Earn their trust with virtual and immersive tours.

Virtual Tour or Immersive Visit?

Virtual tours have different names. Some are calling them virtual tours, immersive visits, walk throughs, interactive tours, 3D visits, 360 tours and so on.   Generally speaking, immersive visits refer to technologies that allow users to navigate in a 3D environment such as AVU3D and Matterport. For its part, virtual tours are more often identified with technologies using spherical or cylindrical photographic images, such as Google Street View.

With web and mobile innovations, immersive visits are becoming increasingly popular among the real estate industry. In fact, immersive 3D experience is a trend supported mainly by strong media campaigns surrounding virtual reality headsets.   Aligned to this trend, Urbanimmersive Marketplace puts forth the best 3D immersive technologies available in your area.

Virtual Tours Give Competitive Advantages

Immersive tours allow users to view property in the angle of their choice thus increasing user engagement and time spent with your brand.   Immersive visits are a step forward to accelerating the sales cycle by providing more information than any other visual content formats.

They allow real estate agents to minimize inconveniences of physical visits from unqualified buyers (receiving only qualified and interested visitors who've had the virtual experience).

Virtual tours are excellent listing tools. They help you stand out from the competition and impress your vendors thus winning more business.

Virtual Tour Services

The scope of work to produce an immersive visit is directly linked to the square footage of the property and the number of floors. The number of floors influences the production time because the photographer must scan all the stairs to connect each floor in an immersive way.

We ask our immersive tour producers to provide pricing for standard production services depending on the size of the property. As such, it’s easy for you to compare offers, get an accurate price and know the time needed to produce the immersive tour.

On the other hand, the production time to produce a virtual tour using spherical or cylindrical images is related to the execution time required to produce a spherical or panoramic image. For this type of virtual tour, we ask our providers to provide pricing depending on the number of images to deliver.

Immersive options!

Immersive technologies can offer several options to enhance user experience, such as integration of the “hot spot” identifying the virtual environment elements, sound or any other type of user interface customization.

For specific production needs, you can launch a request for proposals to all our providers and choose the offer that suits your needs best.


Some immersive technologies require hosting fees and post-production costs so that their technology can be accessed on the web. Urbanimmersive Marketplace requires its suppliers to include all post-production costs and a minimum of 12 consecutive months of web hosting in their selling prices. So you don’t have to worry about paying extra fees.

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