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More and more buyers wish to take virtual, immersive tours of properties for sale before contacting brokers for real visits. Live up to their expectations. Earn their trust with virtual and immersive tours.

Virtual or Immersive Tour?

Virtual tours have different names: Virtual tours, immersive tours, walk-throughs, interactive tours, 3D visits, 360 tours and so on.   Generally speaking, immersive visits use technologies that allow users to navigate in a 3D environment such as AVU3D and Matterport, whereas virtual tours generally use spherical or cylindrical photography technologies, such as Google Street View.

With web and mobile innovations, immersive visits are becoming increasingly popular in the real estate industry. In fact, immersive 3D experience is a trend supported mainly by strong media campaigns surrounding virtual reality headsets.   For these reasons, Urbanimmersive Marketplace puts forth the best 3D immersive technologies available in your area.

Benefits of Virtual and Immersive Tours

Immersive tours allow users to view a property in the angle of their choice, thus increasing their engagement and the time they spend with your brand.   They speend up the process of buying a property by providing more information than any other visual formats.

Immersive visits allow real estate agents to meet qualified buyers who have already "visited" the property through a virtual experience.

Virtual tours are excellent listing tools that help you stand out from the competition and impress your vendors.

Virtual Tour Services

The time required to produce an immersive visit is directly linked to the square footage and the number of floors of the property. For a truly immersive experience, the photographer must shoot each stairway to connect the floors together.

We ask our immersive tour producers to set prices for standard services based on the size of the property, which makes it easier for you to compare offers, determine the price and evaluate the time required for your immersive tour.

Thus, the production time for a virtual tour with spherical or cylindrical images depends more on the execution time required to shoot spherical or panoramic photos. For this type of tour, we ask our providers to base the price of their services on the amount of pictures you order.

Immersive options!

Several options can enhance the immersive experience, such as the addition of “hot spots” that highlight some visuals, add sound effects or customize the user interface in other ways.

If you have specific production needs, you can launch a call for tender to all videographers and see which ones answer your call.


Some immersive technology suppliers require hosting and post-production fees to make their technology accessible online, but Urbanimmersive Marketplace demands that its suppliers include all post-production costs and a minimum of 12 consecutive months of web hosting in their selling price. You don’t have to worry about paying extra fees.

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