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Find your real estate media expert on Centris Marketplace, powered by Urbanimmersive.  

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Eliminate admin duties, personal communication, and scheduling hassles. Centris® Marketplace is available 24/7


Flexible options allow you to choose the package and provider that suits your needs

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Accurate, up to the minute scheduling

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Seamless access to all services and functionality from your mobile device

Financial Record Management

Manage your full transaction history on one platform

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Visual content directly uploaded to Centris®


Have peace of mind knowing that all approved providers are properly licensed and insured

Background check

All providers are required to pass mandatory background checks to ensure your safety

Copyright Protection

All providers offer and respect clear and copyright conditions

Ratings and reviews

See who is leading the pack. Connect with the best by having full access to experience ratings from fellow real estate professionals

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Enter information once and pay for services in one click.

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