HDR Wifi Remote Controler

Our HDR Wifi remote controller works with every DSLR and is fully integrated with our platform

Urbanimmersive HDR Visual Content Technology

Urbanimmersive HDR fully integrated technology

 HDRi is the most common process used in real estate visual content industry by professional photographers. We have developed the only fully integrated HDR productivity solution for our photographers.

Ui Pro HDR Wifi Remote Controller

The Urbanimmersive remote controller Ui Pro HDR is a miniature computer using software developed by Urbanimmersive.   The  remote controller connects to the camera and allows the photographer, from a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop, to remotely control the camera in order to perform HDR images using different settings and several other tasks, such as the "live" preview of the HDR.

Urbanimmersive has developed Ui Pro HDR remote controller solution to be fully integrated with its photographer solution. The goal is to reduce the image manipulation and increase the productivity of UI’s photographers.

HDRi Urbanimmersive Solution

  • Increase photographer productivity
  • Decrease cost of using HDRi external tech
  • Fully integrated work flow
  • Compatible with up to 2000 types of cameras
  • Works with smartphone or mobile computer

Standard photography

With HDR Urbanimmersive Remote Controller

Urbanimmersive is listed on the TSX-V : UI